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18 March 2011 @ 03:54 pm
Ohhhhh Dear Franco!  
Due to the deadlines and the need for me to focus my nights after work on my essays, I didn’t get to watch as many movies as I wanted to. I managed time for only 3 (or 4??) movies for 2011 so far. But 2 really made an impact: Black Swan and 127 Hours. I have so much to say, especially on the latter.

Black Swan;
a truly disturbing display of one’s fixation for perfection. Just typing and recalling the movie makes me feel itchy all over. I had difficulty watching some scenes from the movie (e.g. the effects that glazed over her scratch marks were made so real, I am squirming describing it. Shit! I am literally brushing my cheek and neck with my forefinger and scratching my head right now. I really shouldn’t have talked about this. Sigh.) Natalie Portman played the character of Nina so very well. It’s one thing to act all fanatical but it’s a whole different thing to act and pleasure yourself for the whole world to see on screen. For an A-lister and someone not so scandalous, that was brave. In the movie alone, she conquered so many areas effortlessly. She deserved the Oscar definitely.

When this scene was on screen, I thought how beautiful. Gorgeous!

I LOL-ed when he did this.

127 Hours;
hell yes, this movie! My love, James Franco! I fell in love with this man ever since Spiderman 2.

His smile.. *melts*

He was gorgeous to me and still am, despite the crow’s feet that have invaded his pretty little face.

There, the crow's feet.

But then again, no one (in my eyes) could have pulled off looking scrummy and yummy with their nostrils under a video camera for the whole world to view like he did handsomely in 127 Hours. James Franco played the story of Aron Ralston to absolute perfection. It was flawless.

It was an incredibly sad moment when he recorded messages to his family.

His genius ability to bring to screen the true emotions and physical pain were simply spectacular. There were scenes where I saw his eyeballs looking really strained with thick stripes of red lines. I felt him. He was believable. I especially like the scene where he narrated 2 roles; as himself and as a radio DJ. That was awesome. The film was practically centered on him and only him for 90% of the time and for an actor to deliver almost the whole film on his own, it’s either he make the box office or break it and he made it! Geez, I am in love with him. Lol!

My Mexican colleague couldn’t comprehend my infatuation of James Franco. What does HE know, being a guy!

However, he understands the hotness of Ryan Reynolds and Josh Duhamel. Weird. Maybe it’s the crow’s feet. I don’t know. But his face sure is squish-able. I imagined squishing it during one of the close-ups in the movie. HAHAHA.

See, so cute and squishy right?!

I was looking through his filmography and I really think he should be casted in bigger more main-stream movies. I hope he gets some soon, what with his recent performance in 127 Hours and hosting gig for the Oscar. (I have yet to watch the Oscars! Looking forward to the replay just cause it’s Franco hosting!)

With that, let me end this entry with a picture of the one and only a-maaaa-zeeeeng and sleepy James Franco.

Have a great weekend, ya'll!
Katrina: football [spain NT]ginny112 on June 28th, 2011 09:24 am (UTC)
OHEMGEE you find Josh Duhammel hot! Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! xD xD

I like James Franco too :)